The Lost Chronicles of the 4th World BOOK TRAILER

Ying_Yang_Dos_by_VashApocalypseNEW BOOK TRAILER Release for The Lost Chronicles of the 4th World. Check it out on youtube today.

The Lost Chronicles of the 4th World Book Trailer

An internal clock ticks. It’s counting down, but to what?

Nicolas Armani and Brooklyn ‘Brooke’ Adams must choose between freedom and a life of servitude. Known as a threat to national security by some and an evolutionary link to others, they sit at the edge of the doorway looking in.

Armani and Brooke are on the brink of discovering their ancestral story, which leads to The Lost Chronicles of the 4th World. Will they bridge the evolutionary gap, generating a universal brotherhood? Or set off a chain reaction of events that will send mankind into another dark age?

The Lost Chronicles_ 4 and 5

The Lost Chronicles is available on Amazon as an eBook and paperback book, as well as on Barnes and Noble as a paperback.

Find the Author at:

Twitter – @AprilALunaWrite –
Facebook Writer’s page:

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