April A. Luna

IMG_0824April A. Luna is the pen name for American freelance writer and poet, Michelle L. De La Garza, who lives with her husband and children in Texas.  She has an extensive background as an operational training specialist writing corporate curriculum and facilitating training sessions, which brings a realistic quality to the human emotions and personality characteristics in the fiction stories she breathes life into.

Give her a pen and paper, or laptop and she will weave a delectable web of romance, suspense, and intrigue that will keep a reader at the edge of his or her seat, turning the page, or scrolling to see what happens next.  With her trusty writing companion, Fred Oak, her worn and weathered desk, she thinks of wondrous schemes that take flight to greater worlds afar.

Her loyal desk’s drawers secretly serve, every story, no matter how bizarre.  She has a favorite of the three drawers.  Not the first or second, but the last of the three.  It is mysterious, leading to mystic doors twenty thousand leagues under the deep blue sea, but when she is done, she must close the drawer, so all of the lore does not spill onto the floor.

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April A. Luna

Michelle L. De La Garza

All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind.

– Kahlil Gibran

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