The Defender

Mischievous are his eyes at times.

Laughter is what he often finds.

His eyes long to tell a story.

And at times for him we worry.


His heart is young and tender.

Protective, he is the defender!

Often from him, we gain strength

From his honesty that is quite frank.


A soul of compassion, he has within;

A helping hand he would gladly lend.

Pride and confidence, in truth it shines,

-Within his loving eyes for all to find.

The Dove’s Wing

My heart throbs deeply as I inwardly weep.

Close to my heart feelings of you I keep.

I know our love has endured many trials

And like a dove, it shall span over miles.

I find it hard to speak the words.

So, though my pen, I’ll sing like a bird.

I shall tell of a pure and innocent love.

That is soft and gentle like the wings of a dove.

I see you as gentle and graceful in flight

As a dove who flies to greater heights.

Inside of you there is a loving heart.

And you’ve been protective from the start.

You have watched your children grow in life.

Gently, your love has been spread in rife.

Over the years the hunters have come

-Causing an appearance that is numb.

I cry within when I think of your pain.

They would have had so much more to gain

If they looked below the surface of your wings,

They’d have seen the layers of your heart’s rings.

There is so much to see within your song,

It saddens me to think you have been wronged.

For I see a graceful beauty within your eyes,

And have been lucky to have shared in those ties.

Silently Strumming Surreality’s Cord

Sightless eyes perceive the world

-As no other eye can see.

Even in blindness, one may see

-The sludge of society’s tea.

The steam perpetuates

A numbing pain

That can shut a door.

It’s a wrenching pain

That silently strums

-Upon surreality’s cord.

No matter the rhyme or reason,

The emotion is all too real.

We’ll find at times

We’re all alone and

On our own must deal.

Often, it’s pain and grief

That spawns both greed and hate.

We as humanity

Must learn to forgive

-Before it’s too late.


Man may offer

The world

-A single glimmer of hope.

It’s but through love and tolerance,

We may rebuild a better life’s rope.



Alas, the time grows darker.

And we shall leave a marker.

A story of our life long past,

In our children we have cast.

Our way of life is breed within.

And we have been taught to defend.

All we have learned and understand,

Is inherited and left for man.

In hopes that we, together alone,

-Can make a change of greater tone.

For our children’s lives need hope,

To rebuild a stronger life’s rope.



My heart aches with tearful memories of you.

Your loving ways were all I ever knew.

The day you left me, forever alone,

I was far too young to have ever known.

The world embraced such cruel and harsh ways.

And I’d find myself vulnerable one day.

The small woman-child, you knew me to be,

The one who use to bounce upon your knee,

Has learned overtime to grow within,

And for myself, I’ve learned to defend.

There’re times at night when I hear your voice.

I lie and sleep on a pillow that’s moist.

Tears of despair, I remember your face.

Knowing that I shall forever hold you,

-Within my heart’s -special and secret place.




When the blanket of night slowly descends,

The grain of our lives inadvertently bends.

During this hour of raw stripped emotions,

We’re able to shun our inhibitions.


For as the tide goes out claiming its prize,

He must not forget that he too has ties.

It’s this link of love and hatred that bonds,

That leaves us unsatisfied as we long.


Dreaming we all live; longing we all die,

Waiting for answers never knowing why,

It has been this way since the dawn of time,

Since man began his laborious climb.




What memories of love could the great oak tell?

-if only she would willingly speak.

Would she tell of two lover’s passion?

-that led their hearts to greater highest.

Or, would she speak of the small children?

-whose friendship kindled an everlasting love.


Within her trunk, under the bark,

-One would find her life’s vain.

It stems out in all directions.

-Recording histories of love.

For every leaf the great oak grows,

Is proof a friendship has blossomed.


So, when you sit under her protective arms,

-Hand-in-hand with your friend or lover.

The love you show to one another,

Is that which makes a love grow stronger.

I implore, remember the great oak,

-she too needs your love and respect to flourish.


She’ll always be your loving friend…

-And listen to your heavy heart.

She will never sever the ties…

-That willfully makes friendship strong.

She is a wondrous creation…

-That deserves to stand proud and tall!




The coming of horror is at our feet.

Mankind shall go out in the final met.

Death will ride dangerously on a leaf,

-And death will befall us upon a reef.


What man has cleverly created,

-Shows us as humans have only hated.

Our words are spoken in anger to hurt;

-And are often buried deep in the dirt.


Time’s been allowed to slip into the past.

Lives have been tossed far too frequent and fast.

All for the sake of man’s lost true knowledge,

-That teeters back and forth over a ledge:


We are all too proud in our lives to see,

The death and destruction we cannot flee,

We have not learned from our distant past,

It’s our very lives we alone have cast.


“The Fair-Haired Maiden”


Where the water meets the rocky shore

Of Orkney Bluff next to the ruins,

There lies rubble of Selkie lore

Where slept great Men, Faye, and Druins

Upon the shore in wait;

There, I’ve hid my skin of fate,

Under a distant rock

And it shall never talk.

My fair-haired maiden, come away with me!

To the watery depths of the succulent sea

With a Selkie, embraced arm-in-arm

Your seven salty tears will bless our union and keep you from any harm.


Where moonlight dances upon the waves

Our reflections gently glisten in glee,

And into the night my heart craves

The deep blue depths of the sea,

Eyes of deep seeded coals

Entwined bodies, entwined souls

Onward in joyous jubilee;

Bodies moving rhythmically

Descending the depths of the night,

While fleeing the humanly world in fright

My eyes are anxious to see.

My fair-haired maiden, come away with me!

To the watery depths of the succulent sea

With a Selkie, embraced arm-in-arm

Your seven salty tears will bless our union and keep you from any harm.


Where the words of men whisper

In an ancient Orcadian dialect,

The frightful lore doeth stir

Leaving men to suspect,

Those Selkie men shed their skins

And walk confidently upon the land

Luring both woman and maiden

To commit an unspeakable sin

Leaving a scar upon heart and hand

-Perpetuating the fear of men.

My fair-haired maiden, come away with me!

To the watery depths of the succulent sea

With a Selkie, embraced arm-in-arm

Your seven salty tears will bless our union and keep you from any harm.


Reborn into the depths of lore,

The fair-haired maiden comes:

Nevermore to stand upon a human floor

Upon her parent’s heart, it grievously strums

For, she is now lost to the deep blue sea

Never to rejoin her bloody kin

With the Selkie folk forever she’ll be

-Never again to live among men.

The fair-haired maiden, she comes with me!

To the watery depths of the succulent sea

With a Selkie, embraced arm-in-arm

Your seven salty tears will bless our union and keep you from any harm.


An altered version of ‘The Fair-Haired Maiden’ poem will be showcased in SMP contracted novel, Sarah De Luz – Child of the Night, which is due for release spring 2014:


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