The Dove’s Wing

My heart throbs deeply as I inwardly weep.

Close to my heart feelings of you I keep.

I know our love has endured many trials

And like a dove, it shall span over miles.

I find it hard to speak the words.

So, though my pen, I’ll sing like a bird.

I shall tell of a pure and innocent love.

That is soft and gentle like the wings of a dove.

I see you as gentle and graceful in flight

As a dove who flies to greater heights.

Inside of you there is a loving heart.

And you’ve been protective from the start.

You have watched your children grow in life.

Gently, your love has been spread in rife.

Over the years the hunters have come

-Causing an appearance that is numb.

I cry within when I think of your pain.

They would have had so much more to gain

If they looked below the surface of your wings,

They’d have seen the layers of your heart’s rings.

There is so much to see within your song,

It saddens me to think you have been wronged.

For I see a graceful beauty within your eyes,

And have been lucky to have shared in those ties.

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