Sarah De Luz – Child of the Night

This is the first time I have posted an excerpt from any of my bodies of work. Sarah De Luz – Child of the Night is scheduled for release spring 2014. Soul Mate Publishing is due to post an interview Q&A blog on December 7, with an excerpt taken from the first chapter.

The excerpt below is from a later chapter of Sarah De Luz – Child of the Night…

The office is quiet. I walk up to the cylinder bookcase and eye the instruments on the wall. The hourglass shape of each violin is distinct. An ebony fingerboard delicately lines the maple neck of each priceless piece of work. They all have a hand-carved grafted scroll between the pegbox and neck that rests at a slightly increased angle. The soul post fits like a well fitted glove between the back and top, just below the treble foot of the bridge.

My eyes are drawn downward to the hard black leather case with the Stradivarius label. I slide my fingertips across the smooth cool dark surface. My hands glide down to the front side of the case. The sound of the locks springing open echoes through the room and my heart flutters. My fingers grip the cool metal zippers. The tension in the pit of my stomach builds as I slowly pull the metal teeth apart. I lift the case and gaze at all the beauty the instrument has to offer.

When I release the bow from its nesting spot, the corners of my lips curl upward into a smile. The weight of the bow feels natural in my hands. I tighten the bleached horsehair then gently rub rosin up and down the full length until the hair is coated. Setting the bow down, I wrap my fingers around the neck and ease the violin out of the velvety confines of the case. My fingertips slide over the black padded shoulder rest, and I make a few minor adjustments before slipping it onto the instrument.

I cradle the violin under my chin and revel in the feel of it against my cool flesh. Picking up the bow, I play a D minor scale, followed by a B major. The notes resonate and wash over my body. I close my eyes and feel the music take over as I play Dovorak’s Four Romantic Pieces, starting with the first movement.

My body sways to Cavatina as the bow sails over the strings. The fingers of my left hand tenderly stoke each note, caressing them to ensure the music resonates with clarity. Leading into the second movement, Capriccio, my fingers glide gently up and down the ebony fingerboard as the music sings. The individual notes grip my fingertips, holding them under the spell of the resonating sound of each note as the piece rides a tidal wave of emotions. When I hit the end of the movement, the high note sings with such exquisite beauty, it makes my eyes brim with tears and takes my breath away.

The third movement, Romance, conjures vivid memories and feelings, which shakes the very confines of my soul, leaving me broken and shattered. My body moves becoming one with the instrument as I feel each note waft in the air around me. The sounds engulf my body. I take a deep breath and sigh as the first wave of tears cascade down my face.

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