Silently Strumming Surreality’s Cord

Sightless eyes perceive the world

-As no other eye can see.

Even in blindness, one may see

-The sludge of society’s tea.

The steam perpetuates

A numbing pain

That can shut a door.

It’s a wrenching pain

That silently strums

-Upon surreality’s cord.

No matter the rhyme or reason,

The emotion is all too real.

We’ll find at times

We’re all alone and

On our own must deal.

Often, it’s pain and grief

That spawns both greed and hate.

We as humanity

Must learn to forgive

-Before it’s too late.


Man may offer

The world

-A single glimmer of hope.

It’s but through love and tolerance,

We may rebuild a better life’s rope.

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