What memories of love could the great oak tell?

-if only she would willingly speak.

Would she tell of two lover’s passion?

-that led their hearts to greater highest.

Or, would she speak of the small children?

-whose friendship kindled an everlasting love.


Within her trunk, under the bark,

-One would find her life’s vain.

It stems out in all directions.

-Recording histories of love.

For every leaf the great oak grows,

Is proof a friendship has blossomed.


So, when you sit under her protective arms,

-Hand-in-hand with your friend or lover.

The love you show to one another,

Is that which makes a love grow stronger.

I implore, remember the great oak,

-she too needs your love and respect to flourish.


She’ll always be your loving friend…

-And listen to your heavy heart.

She will never sever the ties…

-That willfully makes friendship strong.

She is a wondrous creation…

-That deserves to stand proud and tall!

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