Once I saw a little red wagon,

Upon a golden twisted road,

I even saw its tiny cargo,

-A little green slimy toad.

I watched for hours,

-Mesmerized as the toad sang.

His bright voice was brilliant,

-All around me it robustly rung.

But when his song was finally sang,

A single silent solitary tear I saw.

His face twisted, contorted in pain,

As I watched his small tear drops fall.

Slowly, I gingerly approached.

-The lonely sad silent slimy toad.

The one in the little red wagon,

-Upon the golden twisted road.

I asked him, with eyes wide open, “Why the tears?”

“Why little toad are you so grief-stricken?”

He only shook his green slimy head,

-And sadly said, “Men, men, men-”


“W-when will they ever l-learn…

These men?  When, when, when?

That you don’t have to be first…,

…In order to win!”


April Luna links:

Twitter – @AprilALunaWrite – www.twitter.com/AprilALunaWrite

SMP Author site: www.smpauthors.wordpress.com/meet-april-a-luna/

Facebook Writer’s page: www.facebook.com/AuthorAprilALuna

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Writer’s Blog: www.aprilaluna2013.wordpress.com

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