She watches her star children from afar,

-Enchanted by their somber eyes of star.

Tantalizing Twilight has come to bore.

A sun kissed day shall spin and shine once more.

All one’s little children soon rise and wake,

To find the world is but only to take.

Once daylight was night, and nighttime was day.

All living creatures were happy and gay.

Time was split and worlds were willfully torn,

-All for the sake of humankind to be born.

They gingerly crawled from the deep blue sea,

-To gain stability and strength to be.

All that we are is all we shall become,

-Marching to the beat of the drummer’s drum.

Reluctant and unwilling to change our way,

Not knowing it’s our very lives at bay.

We silently sit and watch as we are,

-While day dreaming of distant worlds afar.

Never to see the sheer beauty of life,

The chain’s left unbroken to cut like a knife.

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