“My World, My Breath, My Life”


Red oak, stained and old
I carry your words with me
Woven grains of my heart
Never am I without them
They follow me -wherever I go
Etched in my skin, body, and soul

I have no world
You’re my real world
I have no desire
You’re my true desire
My world, my breath, my life

You’re the whisper in the night
The daydream in the light
And whenever we’re together
Things are as they’re meant

You know secrets no other knows
You’re the foundation of foundations
The spark of sparks and sum of sums
The hope of hope called thought, which
Soars to distant heights called life.

You’re the wonder in a child’s eye
The word on the tip of a tongue
You’re a fading dream, a lingering kiss
You’re what keeps wonder alive

I hold you close in my heart because
You’re my world, my breath, my life

I can be reached at:

Twitter – @AprilALunaWrite – www.twitter.com/AprilALunaWrite

SMP Author site: www.smpauthors.wordpress.com/meet-april-a-luna/

Facebook Writer’s page: www.facebook.com/AuthorAprilALuna

Email: april_ann_luna2013@yahoo.com


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